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Adding a set of BBK Mustang cobra headers to your car can help you squeeze some extra horsepower out of your engine by getting you up to 22 rwhp more.

Hey all - if you're looking for information on a classic mustang fastback, convertibles, or coupes, you found the right web site! We have done some research and while we believe our information is pretty darn accurate, you may find some mistakes. If you do, please contact us so we can correct those changes.

Lil bit about some of us -

Jack Nyack drives a pretty sweet 67 mustang fastback with the good old ford 289 engine. This stang is loaded and in beautiful condition. He actually inherited it from his dad when he passed away. His dad was the original owner... Man I think he bought it new for roughly $2700. It wasn't the 1967 shelby mustang, but it runs well and gets like 10 mpg! hah ha. Check out the Mustang Club of America for interesting facts and some cool ford mustang body kit ideas.

Kurt "Bobo" Lynch has been working on his 1968 mustang fastback for almost 5 years now. We all have bets on when he will ever finish it! If you look around there are a good amount of 1968 ford mustang fastbacks for sale, yet few are in pristine condition like Kurt's is starting to look like. A lot of information he got which is helping him to make repairs is from looking at ford mustang forums. Man, he found a mustang seat on ebay for a great deal. We hope to post some pictures when AND if he finishes putting together his classic ford mustang!

Melissa Sweat knows more about a classic mustang fastback than most guys. Her knowledge stems from working on classic mustang restorations for years, ranging from fixing 1965 mustangs up to current mustang models. Her father has worked on various roush mustangs and has studied work by Jack Roush himself.  Check back soon because we are always adding stuff to our pages for automotive performance and other stuff to fine tune your mustang.

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